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In the beginning… May 31, 2011

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Welcome to my blog, er, your blog, okay OUR blog! features somemother’s story.  Each contributor (that’s YOU!) has completed her Story . This is your chance to share about yourself by answering 20 carefully considered, specifically chosen questions.  Many blogs have featured writers or guest posts… Here at somemother, everyone is a writer, blogger, author… because everyone has something meaningful to share!

People love to share their thoughts, observations, and ambitions.  Many of you have your own blog. Almost everyone Facebooks, Tweets, Flickrs, Linksin, Tumbles…. And, if you don’t use any of these, we all have family, friends, colleagues….  Despite all these opportunities for communication, often we still don’t really know or understand one another, and we may not feel heard or understood.  We are so exposed, yet so much remains untold.  We often project an “edited” version of ourselves and deprive ourselves of meaningful opportunities to be supported, or offer support, concern, and caring to others.

This blog will change all that.

This is your chance to anonymously share your deeper story.  Each post captures somemother’s life… her joys, her struggles, her fears, her best ideas…. Intrigued?! THEN COMPLETE YOUR STORY!

Chances are that while there are some things that are uniquely YOU, there is a lot more that somemother, somewhere can relate to. Motherhood is THETOUGHESTJOBINEXISTENCE. It is time for a safe way to share our experience at it.

No one knows when her contribution will be posted. No one knows how her contribution will resonate for somemother’s followers and readers. The timing will be providential! The HOPE is that we will all find validation, belonging, ideas, and PERSPECTIVE.

Contributions are anonymous not because they are something to hide, but so that we can all identify with what’s shared.  Even if you are comfortable sharing your identity, it can change how your story is received by those who know you (or think they know you!).

Check in DAILY. You might laugh. You might cry. You might be inspired. Know that if you want to discover something that means something to you, you will.

Please comment on the contributions…. Your comments are what take each post from being told to being heard.

SOMEMOTHER will post a new contribution every day, as long contributions are submitted.  Posts will begin soon……!

Other plans are also in the works!! Stay tuned!! Follow or find somemother on Twitter. There is no Facebook page yet, maybe never. I’m still deciding.