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20. I Just Want Them to be Better Than Me July 24, 2011

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ESTABLISHING YOURSELF (a few details that help somemothers know what they have in common with you).

I am 29 years old.

I am married.

I have 6 children, 3 I birthed,1 that’s in heaven and 3 that I inherited. All girls 17,16,11,5,&2.

I stay home.

I am working class.

I live urban.

I own.

I completed high school and cosmetology school.

I am straight.

Of note about my ethnicity and/or cultural background: brown.



  1. The most significant aspect of my upbringing.  I meet my dad when I was 7, and raised by my mother.
  2. My best advice to mothers about to enter the stage of child rearing that I just went through.  Get all the help you can get, never turn down help, sleep or over think being a mom.
  3. Something that concerns me about my children.  Will they learn to be strong responsible people. I just want them to be better than me.
  4. My absolute worst mothering moment (so far). Having ppd (post partum depression). It robs you of the fun you “should” be having, not rushing their independence .
  5. What annoys me most about other mothers.  Lack of discipline or the fear of being stern with children in needed situations.
  6. I am happiest when I’m watching a good movie and eating good food.
  7. I am saddest when I’m alone for too long. I feel neglected and abandoned.
  8. My biggest fear.  Being a complete failure, failure is ok if you have at least tried everything in your power.
  9. I am ashamed of my family, aunts, uncles, etc…
  10. Something I need to forgive.  I’m ok with forgiveness, it took some time but I have plenty to do than to think of all the wrongs that have happened to me.
  11. Something I wish I could say to someone.
  12. Something I have never told anyone.  I would need to write a book about this.
  13. Something I am trying to change about myself.  Live more in the moment, be less hard on myself.
  14. My biggest accomplishment.  Being a wife, mother, home owner and hood daughter. All things I didn’t think that I was worthy of.
  15. I wish.  I had a bit more money sometimes.
  16. Something my relationship with my mother has taught me about parenting.  You can’t be your kids’ friends while they need instruction. You’re raising your kids who will soon be adults.
  17. Something my relationship with my father has taught me about parenting.  Invest! Never withdrawal myself from my family.
  18. How I would describe my faith life.  Strong! I’ve had a pretty turbulent life, and it has built my character and although things have hurt, it taught me survival.
  19. Something I hope will be different for me by this time next year.  That I would be more of a “doer” and not a ” sayer or a wisher”.
  20. Something important about my story that hasn’t been captured by the questions above.
  21. BONUS: A question you would like to see added to this list that readers can respond to in the comments.

One Response to “20. I Just Want Them to be Better Than Me”

  1. somemother Says:

    I really enjoyed tweeting about this contribution! So many little nuggets….

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