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Where or where has somemother gone? January 14, 2012

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Hello and happy new year, neglected blog.  


It is with courage that I finally opened wordpress today and am writing briefly to you, my five readers, harhar 😉  I don’t know if veteran bloggers have ever experienced a lull in blogging, but I, apparently, have…. For weeks, posting has been sporadic and my connection with followers and contributors has been intermittent….  Sure, it had something to do with the holiday season, and before that, other facets of life preoccupying me…  maybe a wee bit to do with my newfound lurve of Pinterest….  But, more significantly, I’ve been battling some pretty huge forces in my heart and mind that say, this blog will fail, it’s not worthy, no one reads, no one cares, so GIVE UP.  As time went on, I grew ashamed and feared even looking at the stats… I didn’t want to be confronted with a dwindling or nonexistent interest…  I’ve experienced some tangible DIScouragement, and the momentum I was riding just couldn’t rise above it….




Because, I still have many contributions to post! I must at least share what has already been submitted.  Somemother is mothers from across the world answering the same 20 Questions.  Every post is essentially a guest post.  Every post teaches me something.  Every post is its own piece of awesome.  And somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that and my initial commitment to post as long as there were contributions to post.  As long as this blog bore fruit, I would harvest it.


SO…. I am busy preparing contributions to publish. I am going to re-engage with the Twitterverse and Pinterestians to see if there are more mothers who just might like to be a part of happens here.  AND I am working on a NEW venture.  I had such positive feedback on my guest post for 4 Hats and Frugal, it inspired me to author my own story in a little more depth, but still with the forum/community-of-others bent that is so dear to my heart.  STAY TUNED. I am really excited about what’s ahead in 2012.


If you’re new here, I hope you spend a few minutes searching the tags for contributions that might resonate for you… or just scroll through the archives.  And come back, because very soon, there will be new discoveries awaiting…..


With gratitude,



3 Responses to “Where or where has somemother gone?”

  1. Tanya Says:

    Yes, please keep at it! I love this blog!

  2. KL Says:

    Please keep on blogging! I love reading your posts. Some of us readers just may have been a little busy and away from our computers over the long holiday season too… 🙂

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