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New Blog for Anyone Experiencing Relationship Loss April 19, 2012

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Back in January, I mentioned that I had something percolating…. well, last night before I could talk myself out of it again, I hit “publish” and Loss of the Living was born.

This brand new blog is unique… I have searched, and have not find any sites on coping with the loss of a person who is still alive, but just gone from you.

The first post Why Loss of the Living?” explains everything… please check it out! I also tell you a little more (gulp) about me.

Please subscribe.  Please follow @lossofheliving on Twitter.  There is the potential for something very… special to develop.  I would love for you to be a part of it…

Like somemother, Loss of the Living invites contributors to submit their answers to 10 Questions (I know, only 10! versus 20 here… But they are biggies!).  I would be surprised if there is anyone who has NOT experienced this type of loss, and I am betting that many, like me, need a place to anonymously share so they can heal, let go, and go on.

Speaking of going on, this new venture is part of my journey that I hope will get me back to posting your awesome contributions with regularity.  There are many waiting so.very.patiently in the queue, and as if to urge me forward, TODAY – for the first time in a while – I received a NEW, truly original somemother contribution that I CAN’T WAIT to post.

My promise is that, as long as these blogs bear fruit, I will post!  I believe there is a forum to read your contributions, and recovery in the writing of them.  I would love to hear your thoughts…  What do you think of the concept behind Loss of the Living?

With admiration and gratitude,