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First Post at “Thrown Out of the Family” May 8, 2012

Filed under: Special — somemother @ 9:14 am

You may have read about my new blog, Loss of the Living, to help cope with the lost or broken relationships by answering 10 Questions…  Like somemother, Loss of the Living poses these Ten Questions – just 10 — to help express and share the impact of the loss you are experiencing.  The hope is that by sharing, you may be able to let it go, move on, and find some relief from the grief in your soul.  In the process of doing so, you just may help someone in their own lives by reading about your experience.

The inaugural contribution has just been posted!  Thrown Out of the Family describes what happened when one woman tried to protect her nieces and nephews from the sexual abuse she herself experienced by her father, their grandfather…  Unfortunately, the outcome is not what should be expected….

Please read! Comment! Share this post!  Someone out there needs to see this…  And please consider following the blog on Twitter, subscribing, and submitting your own contribution. As one contributor described it, writing this piece is a very cleansing experience….


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