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31 Words a Day for 31 Days, or Long Time No Write, Blog. October 1, 2013

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Where or where has somemother been?  Long. LOOONG journey.  And if I start to think too much about trying to explain myself, I’ll just save this post as a draft like I have so many times before and stay.silent.


Instead, I am honouring a call in my heart to join in on this 31 day writing challenge.  The gist is to write on a topic of your choice for 31 days and link up to the hundreds of writers doing the same thing 🙂  I haven’t poked around much yet and may in fact be doing this all wrong… But, again, I’m trying to get to “publish” so instead of planning and exploring and drafting and editing, I’m just gonna put it out there.


My “topic” is to write 31 words a day. That’s it.  31 words on whatever needs to be expressed.  Maybe by October 31 I will have made a gentle reunion with blogging and reconciled myself to this lapse….   I feel better already.



Nope. I actually feel trepidation.  That’s probably a good thing.




OCTOBER 1, 2013


“You seem at peace at last.”

My fingers have finally let go of all they tightly grasped.

Peace is empty hands; open hands gently cupping new possibilities.

My cup runneth over.


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