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31 Words for 31 Days – Day 1, On Beginning Again September 30, 2014

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This month begins like most others

Yet laden like none other.

I can hardly bear the hope and dread of it.

My expectations anticipate the coming retrospect.  What else is there?


31 Words for 31 Days – 2014 Edition

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For the love of short story…. for the love of poetry…. for the sake of time and brevity…  I hereby commit again to 31 days of posting merely 31 words.  All that’s said and left unsaid… my (un)brave (usual) and (inherently) optimistic contribution to internet perpetuity…

This is 31 Days and my tiny slice of it will be posted here more or less every day.  Life is such that even this promising blog with enormous potential goes largely neglected year after year.  961 words this year might be enough.