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About the mother behind somemother May 23, 2011

I am a 30something married mother of three children. I live in a large Canadian city in a nice neighbourhood and am around lots of other mothers who I realize I don’t really know. We share our status updates and photos on Facebook, we chat at the side of the soccer field, we help organize the preschool fundraiser. We see each other almost every day.


Very rarely do I share what’s REALLY going on for me.  Neither do they! Even though, I would love to tell someone, and I would love to hear from them also. I mean,  am I the only one who...(INSERT SHOCKING MOMMY CONFESSION)??? I doubt it.

I have high hopes for this blog. I can’t WAIT to start hearing from you. Yes, YOU. Help me and somemothers everywhere feel normal. You’ll be glad you did.


5 Responses to “About the mother behind somemother”

  1. somemother Says:

    Thank you, Cory. Your comment reminds me of how easy it is to be short-sighted when your kids are small… I enjoy your blog and look forward to your journey of discovery unfolding… Your comment here means a lot to me ((s.m.))

  2. Cory Says:

    I to have spent my entire time being a mother not really connecting with other mothers, my children are grown now, one away from home the other turning 16, and have lost the weekly soccer games, hockey games, school functions and now find myself trying to fill that time with things I may be interested in. Quite a change making your time really “me” time. I too have a blog http://www.friendstimestwo.

  3. Ado Says:

    Love your honesty and it’s true – we see other moms all the time but what do we really share about? Good point.

  4. Theresa Says:

    Hey, I just found your blog. Great idea. Love some of the bio/confessions. I will be back, eh?

  5. Samantha Says:

    LOVE IT!! Fellow Canucks CONFESSING! Bring it on!

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