part forum. part confession. part celebration.

Blog Dare, August 2011 August 2, 2011

Somemother is blessed to be featured this month at Blog Dare!  

The Blog Dare is basically a challenge for bloggers to write daily in 2011 using provided prompts…  It is part of the awesome community, Bloggy Moms, a tremendous resource for beginning and veteran bloggers.

There are hundreds of members, and over 1000 followers of @TheBlogDare on Twitter!  There are incredible opportunities to link up, and of course, the absolute BEST part is the WRITING.  Wow, can these mothers write!

Please explore! Please join! And if you are already participating, link up! Please use the comment section below to share your awesomeness.   Don’t be shy now!

Of course, ultimately you are invited to compile your answers into your Story, so that it can be posted in its entirety here at somemother.  You will be in good company!


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