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31 Words for 31 Days – Day 14, On Thanksgiving October 15, 2013

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Thank you, God, for cancer and heart attacks. For broken relationships. For exasperating children and inadequate sleep and weight gain. For disappointment, debt, and my big and little sufferings. Thanks always.


New Blog for Anyone Experiencing Relationship Loss April 19, 2012

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Back in January, I mentioned that I had something percolating…. well, last night before I could talk myself out of it again, I hit “publish” and Loss of the Living was born.

This brand new blog is unique… I have searched, and have not find any sites on coping with the loss of a person who is still alive, but just gone from you.

The first post Why Loss of the Living?” explains everything… please check it out! I also tell you a little more (gulp) about me.

Please subscribe.  Please follow @lossofheliving on Twitter.  There is the potential for something very… special to develop.  I would love for you to be a part of it…

Like somemother, Loss of the Living invites contributors to submit their answers to 10 Questions (I know, only 10! versus 20 here… But they are biggies!).  I would be surprised if there is anyone who has NOT experienced this type of loss, and I am betting that many, like me, need a place to anonymously share so they can heal, let go, and go on.

Speaking of going on, this new venture is part of my journey that I hope will get me back to posting your awesome contributions with regularity.  There are many waiting so.very.patiently in the queue, and as if to urge me forward, TODAY – for the first time in a while – I received a NEW, truly original somemother contribution that I CAN’T WAIT to post.

My promise is that, as long as these blogs bear fruit, I will post!  I believe there is a forum to read your contributions, and recovery in the writing of them.  I would love to hear your thoughts…  What do you think of the concept behind Loss of the Living?

With admiration and gratitude,